California Restaurant Admits It's Been Serving Popeyes Chicken for Months

The restaurant's Yelp page is now a hotbed of one-star reviews. But the owner insists she didn't do anything wrong.
Mayukh Sen

Meet the Angel of One of Austin's Last True Dive Bars

We spoke to Angel Altenhofel, one of Austin's longest-standing bartenders, about her thoughts on how Austin has changed, why her bar kicked out Willie Nelson, and how she landed this job between a funeral and a wake.
Laura Dixon

Chess Pie

This is a great take on the gooey, sweet Southern classic recipe.
Callie Speer
American South

The American South Is Still Eating White Dirt

Geophagy, the technical term for deliberately eating earth, soil, or clay, sounds like a terrible idea. Yet in many parts of the world, this is not considered strange or rare, but a culinary past time.
Emelyn Rude

Mouth Full of South

I first heard about culinary historian Michael Twitty in the wake of Paula Deen's dismissal from the Food Network. Last May, I attended one of his dinners, in which he typically dresses in period attire.
Helen Hollyman

Southern-Fried Squirrel

Who needs fast food when foraged squirrel is free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides? This tasty preparation will make you into a roadkill-eating convert.
Alison Brierly
Action Bronson

Fuck, That's Delicious: New Orleans (Trailer)

Watch a preview of Action Bronson as he and his cousin hit the bayou and eat their way around New Orleans in the next episode of Fuck, That's Delicious. Airing Wednesday October 1st.
Action Bronson

Predicting the Fate of Paula Deen's Upcoming Network

This September, Paula Deen, America's favorite racist cooking show host, is launching her own web show. That's right, Paula's goin' digital y'all! But will the network actually be successful?
Alison Stevenson