food waste

This Startup Turns Beer Waste into Fancy Vegan Smoothies

Wasting beer is not cool—but maybe beer waste is.
Becky Hughes

Does This Soylent BBQ Sauce at SXSW Foreshadow the End of the World?

This is an affront to both the purpose of Soylent and the tradition of Texas barbecue.
Alex Swerdloff
food safety

No One's Sure Why Soylent's Food Bars Are Making People Puke

People on Reddit and Soylent’s message board have been complaining of some unintended side effects from eating Soylent Food Bars—namely, nausea, horrific diarrhea, and intense vomiting.
Wyatt Marshall

I Ate at the World’s First 3-D Printed Food Restaurant

At the recently opened FoodInk pop-up in London, the furniture, utensils, and food are all 3-D-printed. But are puréed ingredients extruded through a syringe really the future of cooking?
Daisy Meager
future food

The CEO of Soylent Is Enraging LA With a Single Shipping Container

Seems as though it’s easier to reinvent the way humanity eats rather than the houses we live in.
Alex Swerdloff

The Future of Food According to Andrew Zimmern

I joined chef and <i>Bizarre Foods</i> host Andrew Zimmern in Oaxaca, where we ate stone soup and a salsa made from fatty ants, and talked about whether the future was full of Soylent or insect protein.
Alice Driver

Soylent Is Being Sued By a Watchdog Group for Potential Health Dangers

Last Thursday, the nonprofit As You Sow filed a notice of intent to go after the company “for failure to provide sufficient warning to consumers of lead and cadmium levels in the Soylent 1.5 product.”
Hilary Pollack

With Bottled Soylent, Not Eating Just Got Even Easier

If you're the kind of start-uppy techie who is truly too busy to eat solid matter, then you're probably too busy to prepare yourself a Soylent shake each morning. Your savior has arrived in Soylent 2.0.
Munchies Staff

How to Make a Soylent Sandwich

Soylent promises to be cheaper and more nutritionally complete than most of the stuff people are eating these days. But as much as I love the convenience of a pale, bland shake, I also love a good sandwich, so I set out to make one that rivaled it in...
Jon Chonko

Biohackers Are Turning Meals into Math Across the World

An offshoot of Silicon Valley’s ‘Quantified Self movement’, biohackers are using technology to precisely track what they consume and how it affects them. They don’t just want to look good; they seek peak physical and mental performance. But where is...
Alice-Azania Jarvis

Americans Have Become Too Jaded about the Joys of Dining Out

Leave it to the USA to swing the food pendulum from obsessively, politically picky to compartmentalizing food and nutrition into a gross nutrition drink. It's like an unhealthy, off-balance relationship.
Remy Ayesh

This Man Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again

You know what&#039;s an complete waste of time, money, and effort? Eating. I mean, wouldn&#039;t you rather just ingest a tasteless form of sustenance for the rest of your life and never have to go through that tedious rigmarole of opening and eating a...
VICE Staff