korean food

A Brief Taxonomy of All the Different Ways that Korean Food Can Be Spicy

There are nuanced distinctions between irritatingly spicy, deliciously spicy, or refreshingly spicy.
Vivian Song
korean food

Why 'White' Is the Least-Spicy Option at This Korean Restaurant

If there’s one pervasive stereotype surrounding the way white people eat—besides maybe their affinity for putting avocado on literally everything—it’s that they can’t handle spicy food.
Nick Rose

There's More to Harissa Than Just Heat

I went straight to the world's best harissa source to find out why this natural aphrodisiac is becoming one of the most popular condiments in the world.
Thessa Lageman

A Restaurant Owner Faces Manslaughter Charges Over Death by Curry

A pub manager from the UK died following a severe allergic reaction to takeout curry made with a ground nut mix containing peanuts, instead of the usual almond powder.
Nick Rose

Your Christmas Cookies Will Taste Better with Coriander

“There’s a sourness to coriander that works really well in sweet stuff,” says American-born baker and owner of London’s Violet Bakery Claire Ptak, as she shows me how to prepare her festive ginger molasses cookies.
Nell Frizzell

This Week in Food Porn: Milk, Cookies, and Quail

A thumb-saving scrolltopia of the most delicious dinners, dishes, and desserts to be uploaded to Instagram this week.
Nell Frizzell

This Is What It’s Like to Farm the World’s Most Expensive Spice

David Smale’s “farm” is the size of a tennis court, on which grow hundreds of saffron plants. It’s taken him ten years to get to this stage and his entire business relies on the small field.
Andrew Webb

Some Lady Got Naked and Tore Apart a Subway After Smoking a Ton of Spice

Hell truly hath no fury like a naked woman high on Spice. This sage industry secret was unveiled to Subway after an Alaskan woman rubbed her shit all over the floor of one of their franchises.
Alex Swerdloff

How Eating Spicy Foods Can Help You Cheat Death

A seven-year study has found that regularly eating chili peppers can reduce your risk of early death by about 14 percent. Bring on the Cholula.
Hilary Pollack
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A Woman Is Trying to End the Cinnamon Challenge After Her Son’s Death

Kentucky mother Brianna Radar wants to raise awareness about the dangers of the masochistic YouTube trend after cinnamon-related asphyxia killed her son.
Munchies Staff

When Eating Chinese Bullfrog, Don't Forget to Suck the Toes

In Hangzhou, I tried bullfrog for the first time at a hole-in-the-wall. There, I learned to suck the white meat off the frog legs until all that was left was a pile of tiny toe bones in my mouth.
Noelle Mateer

A Delhi Restaurant Ruined Kebabs for Me Forever

India is a largely vegetarian country. But if you look hard enough in major cities like Delhi, you'll find meat palaces like Karim's—an indulgent, mutton heavy restaurant preserving Maghlai cuisine and serving diners by throwing their plates to them...
Josh Barrie