food waste

This Startup Turns Beer Waste into Fancy Vegan Smoothies

Wasting beer is not cool—but maybe beer waste is.
Becky Hughes

This Smartphone Gadget Turns Fruit into Alcohol

The humble fruit bowl becomes a liquor store.
Daisy Meager

This Startup Analyses Your DNA to Tell You What Wine to Drink

California-based Vinome says it can find your perfect bottle of wine by creating personalized taste profiles based on DNA.
Daisy Meager

Are These Insanely Realistic Fake Shrimp the Future of Sustainable Seafood?

This San Francisco-based startup has developed a faux shrimp made in a lab from algae and plants, and it tastes so much like the real thing that its founders say people can’t tell the difference.
Wyatt Marshall

This Startup Is Making Dairy Milk Without Cows

Made from real milk proteins combined with plant-based sugar, healthy plant fats, vitamins, and minerals, Perfect Day has the same taste and texture as cow’s milk, but never comes out of an udder.
Natalie B. Compton

This Startup Wants Godless Robots to Make All Your Pizza

By adding robots to the chain of events that stretch from dough rolling to actual delivery, Garden says he can disrupt the pizza industry.
Alex Swerdloff
home cooking

This Food Start-Up Connects You to Home Cooks in Your Community

Josephine is an Oakland-based food startup with some radical ideas about bringing community outreach to the food world. The online and app-based service connects people looking for a good meal with neighbors and local chefs who have signed on to...
Alex Swerdloff

There Is Literally a Farm Inside of This German Grocery Store

A vertical garden has been built in a Berlin grocery store in order to provide shoppers with the freshest possible herbs and greens 365 days a year.
Nick Rose

No One Asked for This $200 Wi-Fi–Enabled "Smart" Wine Bottle

Tech startup Kuvée will soon be releasing a $200 Wi-Fi–enabled “smart bottle,” which replaces antiquated paper labels with a full-color LED touchscreen that allows users to rate their wines and order more online.
Nick Rose

Houses in London Could Soon Be Heated by Coffee Dregs

A London startup has announced that it will be collecting coffee waste from cafes across the capital to be processed into biomass energy.
Phoebe Hurst
food waste

Your Uneaten Hotel Breakfast Is Now Feeding the Homeless

A Montreal-based site is connecting hotels and caterers with shelters so that uneaten banquet food won't be tossed into the trash.
Karon Liu

This Food Bank Will Turn You Away If You Eat Meat

At Toronto's Vegetarian Food Bank, low-income vegetarians and vegans can get access to fresh produce and meat-free proteins.
Karon Liu