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Infuriate the Italians in Your Life with This Tofu Skin 'Pasta'

This riff on classic pasta all'amatriciana comes to us courtesy of the team at San Francisco's State Bird Provisions.
Danielle Wayda

Yuba All'Amatriciana Recipe

Tofu sheets, known as "yuba," make for a great gluten-free alternative to pasta in this twist on the Italian classic.
Stuart Brioza

Whiskey, Juggalos, and Oxtail Curry Collide in This Tour of San Francisco

A night out with State Bird Provisions.
Munchies Staff
san francisco

How to Eat Like the Best Chefs in San Francisco

If you want an insider's guide to the very best of San Francisco, look no further than the Chef's Night Out picks in our brand-new guide, featuring everything from pizza and thrice-cooked bacon to high-end French fare.
Munchies Staff
nitehawk cinema

VICE Eats World: Perfect Pork Sandwiches, Queso-Dipped Tots, and Lumpfish Sperm

In this installment of our biweekly food porn column, our staff travels from San Francisco to Denmark and eats everything available in between.
Munchies Staff
san francisco

This San Francisco Peanut Milk Might Actually Save the World

State Bird Provisions is so popular that hungry techies once allegedly hacked the reservation system to make sure they’d get seats. At the end of a fantastic meal there, you'll understand why when you sip the restaurant's expertly calibrated peanut...
Brent Crane
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Win Tickets to a MUNCHIES Dinner Party with State Bird Provisions in NYC

Do you like free stuff and fancy food? Perfect! We're giving away a pair of tickets to the next MUNCHIES x Morgans dinner in NYC with the chefs from SF's State Bird Provisions.
Munchies Staff
san francisco

Chef's Night Out: State Bird Provisions

State Bird Provisions, the wildly successful San Francisco restaurant birthed by chef/owners Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza, is hands-down the most exciting restaurant we've ever filmed in—so much so that we had to be dragged out to hit the town...
Munchies Staff