Meet the Guy Who Brought Legit Mexican Food to Sweden

The owners of El Taco Truck—the first of its kind in Stockholm—have changed Mexican food in Sweden forever.
José Ralat

Step Inside This Bread Dough Hotel in Sweden

At the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, the bakery RC Chocolat runs a 24-hour hotel for sourdoughs. Anyone can store their dough there and be sure that it will be fed, massaged, and well taken care of.
Camila-Catalina Camila-Catalina Fernandez

A Trip to Billingsgate Fish Market with a Michelin-Starred Sushi Jedi

I accompanied Carl Ishizaki, head chef at Sushi Sho in Stockholm, on a dawn trip to the London fish market. “The firmness of flesh is a sign of freshness,” he says. “If recently caught, it has rigamortis so it should be firm.”
Chloe Scott-Moncrieff

This Swedish Restaurant Is Serving 20-Course, All-Meat Omakase Menus

At Omakase Köttslöjd, diners sit down to a 15- to 20-course menu of meticulously presented cured meats accompanied by Nordic seafood and produce. Think of it like a carnivorous spin on a Japanese kaiseki menu.
Diana Hubbell
Nordic cuisine

This Nordic Food Bible Took Three Years and Seven Countries to Write

Between running one of the world’s best restaurants and championing hyperlocal ingredients, Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson has produced a cookbook that is, in itself, a sort of foraged feast—gathering recipes from across the Nordic region.
Nell Frizzell

A Hand-Carved Ice Ball Could Make Your Drink Taste Better

Bartender and ice carver Andrea Patelli’s hands are huge and he’s tossing a block of ice around without gloves. With short jabs, he chops off the corners, then rounds the edges as a pile of frozen chips melt to a puddle.
Johanna Derry

I Threw a Dinner Party with the World's Stinkiest Fish

The smell of surströmming, a Swedish delicacy of fermented Baltic herring, will punch you in the face if you're not used to it. But for those of us who grew up eating this powerfully funky fish, there's no greater pleasure in the world.
Astrid Madberg
why not

We Interviewed Two Swedish Girls Who Sent Us This Insane Sandwich Cake

It looked sort of like that cake on the cover of <i>Let It Bleed</i>, but with … olives? Cucumbers? Is that ketchup, or some sort of raspberry purée?
Munchies Staff

The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: New Nordic Cuisine

Ivar visits three restaurants—Ekstedt in Stockholm, Koka in Göteborg, and Bastard in Malmö, where the chefs are taking on New Nordic cuisine in their own terms.
Ivar Berglin

The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Stockholm

Ivar hits Aifur, Sweden’s only real Viking restaurant, and meets its owner and dance music legend E-Type to discover how the Vikings informed modern Swedish cuisine.
Ivar Berglin

Sweden's Coffee Culture Is Heaven for Slackers

The frantic pace of coffee culture in cities like New York, London, and Copenhagen finds its polar opposite in Stockholm—the Swedish capital and undisputed home of fika: a coffee break that can last for hours and happens several times a day.
Govind Bhalla
Nomadic brews

Making Beer for a Michelin-Starred Chef Is Beyond Intimidating

I've collaborated with some of the world's best restaurants, but working with someone who is at the top of their game is still intimidating in many ways. This time, I brewed with the famed Mathias Dalghren, who made me wonder if I’m secretly Swedish...
Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø