Trendy Superfood Diets Are Causing Food Insecurity In India

Thanks to their collective obsession with eating superfoods of all kinds, hipsters are now helping push indigenous populations in India toward hunger.
Wyatt Marshall

Will a Chocolate Pill Actually Make Us All Live Longer?

The results will tell us whether eating chocolate will keep us alive longer and it may be the impetus for the creation of a chocolate pill.
Alex Swerdloff

North Korea Says Dog Meat Is the Next Superfood

North Korea's state-run news outlets are making a point of running multiple stories extolling the health benefits that supposedly come along with consuming dog meat.
Alex Swerdloff

Why Everyone Needs to Shut Up About Kale Already

Sure, kale's pretty good for you, but this is overkill. And this whole time, we may have just fallen for some clever rebranding of a bland leafy green.
Dara Bramson

Even Doctors Are Saying You Should Stop Buying Gluten-Free Food for No Reason

A new study out of Australia—the largest of its kind—has found that all those expensive gluten-free breads and pastas are just as bad for you unless you truly have a wheat allergy.
Munchies Staff

I Want to Believe in the Coconut Water Hype

Our obsession with coconuts—their water, flesh, oil and milk—doesn't show any sign of slowing any time soon. But are we right to just be knocking the so-called superfood back without doing some research?
Emily Steer
Road to immortality

I Went to a Health Food Convention and Did Unhealthy Things

I've been to a lot of health food conventions where I've gotten high or wasted with fellow "healthy" types. At this year's convention, I met a woman with a daughter named "Rainbeau," ate fake Taco Bell tacos, and hung...
Sean Morrow