Let's Not Make Boba Pizza a Thing

Trigger warning: trypophobes.
Hannah Keyser
Taiwanese food

A Brief Guide to Fan Tuan, the Delicious Rice Rolls of Taiwan

The best Taiwanese breakfast is oblong, stuffed with any number of tasty things, and wrapped with hot sticky rice.
Clarissa Wei

Eat All the Food from 'Spirited Away' in This Taiwanese Town

Make like No-Face and scarf the countless treats of Jiufen.
Elyssa Goldberg

The 9 Best Foods at Taipei's Night Markets

How to eat your way through the city.
Tiffany Ran

A New Ramen Spot in Taiwan Had a Record-Breaking, 250-Hour-Long Line Out the Door

Hella longer than even your most shameful Netflix binge session.
Jelisa Castrodale

Can White People Please Stop Demonizing Bubble Tea?

We don't see health warnings about unicorn lattes or rocky road ice cream, yet bubble tea remains the subject of incessant fear-mongering.
Celeste Yim
Taiwanese food

Meet the Woman Who Is Preserving Taiwan's Street Food Tradition

Chuang Pao-hua teaches students of every walk of life how to cook dishes with 'gu zhao wei,' or old-school flavor.
Tiffany Ran
Taiwanese food

How-To: Make Taiwanese Hot Pot with Sue Chan

Here's how to make your own Taiwanese hot pot, starting with a savory homemade bone broth and including all the meat, dumplings, and veggies you can eat.
Sue Chan
Chinese food

Alan Yang of 'Master of None' Takes On the East Coast vs. West Coast Chinese Food Debate

He also knows where to get the best ma po tofu in Manhattan and the best soup dumplings in Shanghai. Duh.
Charley Lanyon
Chinese food

My Szechuan Restaurant Is So Spicy That a Customer Called The Cops on Me

Everyone handles spice differently. I invented a heat index scale for my restaurant, Han Dynasty, so that people don't send dishes back to the kitchen, one of the biggest cultural insults in China.
Han Chiang
animal rights

Taiwan Becomes First Country in Asia to Ban Eating Dogs and Cats

Those who consume these animals or sell them for meat could now face serious jail time.
Nick Rose

Oblivious Grandma Fills Her Louis Vuitton Handbag with Fresh Fish

When Grandma wants to be a baller like that, how can you even be mad?
Nick Rose