Pizza Hut Remembers Historic Massacre of Thousands in Taiwan with Ad for 'Killer Deals'

Many commenters are still waiting for an apology for the post, or to see if the Hut could scrape together some public compassion for those who were affected by the tragedy.
VICE Staff

Costco Is Even Better in Taiwan

Craving a bit of nostalgia—and the big box store's famous muffins—I stopped by a Costco in Taipei, where you can get everything from Kirkland booze to sea cucumbers.
Natalie B. Compton

How to Eat Like a Taiwanese Baseball Player

"The stuff you eat after the game in America, here you eat <i>before</i> the game.”
Natalie B. Compton

The Creator of General Tso's Chicken Has Died

The iconic dish was, by most accounts, actually invented by Chef Peng Chang-kuei, who has passed away at the ripe old age of 98. To say he lived a storied life would be an understatement.
Nick Rose

A Trip to Taiwan's Magic Noodle Mountain

If you want the best noodles in Taiwan, you'll have to take a long cab ride into the jungle-covered mountains south of Taipei, where a group of "noodle masters" stomp and hand-pull dough into long strands of starchy perfection.
Giulia Pines

I Soaked in Coffee-Flavored Hot Springs and a Sweet Potato Sauna in Taiwan

The Chuan Tang Spring Spa Hotel features pools flavored with coffee, tea, milk, lemongrass, and Chinese herbs, giving me the feeling of being slowly cooked in a vat of chicken broth.
Clarissa Wei

How a Taipei Restaurant Turned a Meat-Filled Street Snack Vegan

Taiwan's luwei involves braising ingredients in a hot broth and then adding spices and sauces to the finished product. While it almost always involves pork or other meat, Vege Creek has found wild success with its pick-your-own vegan version.
Amy Chyan

The World's Best Whisky Is Made in a Taiwanese Castle

I’m in a taxi on my way to taste the world’s best whisky, but the view outside of the car window is not of misty Scottish hillsides or Bourbon County. Instead, I’m looking at rice fields and palm trees.
Natalie B. Compton

This Taiwanese Company Makes Clothes Out of Coffee Grounds

Taiwanese company Singtex has perfected a process for turning coffee waste and plastic bottles into fabric. One T-shirt can be made with three cups of coffee grounds and five recycled plastic bottles.
Clarissa Wei

The Dragon Boat Festival Is an Excuse to Feast on Glutinous Rice Dumplings

Eaten during the annual Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi is a tetrahedral glutinous rice dumpling of Chinese origin that's wrapped in bamboo leaves and stuffed with pork, salted duck egg yolk, dried shiitakes, and more.
Clarissa Wei

You've Got to Catch Your Own Dinner at This DIY Shrimp Fishery in Taipei

Fishing for shrimp inside of a massive warehouse bar while drinking cheap beer with your friends? Think of it as bowling for shellfish.
Lauren Sloss

Real-Deal Grass Jelly Shouldn't Come Out of a Can

In the US, the Asian dessert known as grass jelly comes in cans and is devoid of flavor. The actual stuff, however, is fragrantly sweet and smoky, and the perfect thing to slurp down in summer heat.
Clarissa Wei