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Restaurant Owners, Styrofoam Cup Maker Sue San Diego Over Styrofoam Ban

Local restaurant groups and a styrofoam cup maker claim that the city did 'zero environmental analysis.'
Jelisa Castrodale
Food delivery

Apparently the Secret to Better Take-Out Service Is... Shelves?

Yeah, like, the things you put stuff on.
Jelisa Castrodale

Irish Prison Inmates Snuck In Chinese Takeout Delivery by Drone

The Wheatfield staff has taken a number of steps to prevent Kung Pao chicken (and cocaine or whatever) from being dropped into the rec yard.
Jelisa Castrodale

How to Spend Christmas Alone

Hint: It involves a lot of food and booze.
Mike Miksche

Incredibly Hungover Dude Saved by Above-and-Beyond Pizza Delivery Guy

There are house calls, and then there are bed calls.
Gillie Houston

I Got High, Blown, and Robbed When I Was a Pizza Delivery Guy

"I was 17, scared, and totally unsure what to do with that situation. But at the end of the day they were just a bunch of intoxicated, naked adults that just wanted some pizza."
New York

Teenage Car Thieves in NYC Are Targeting Chinese Food Delivery Guys

In Queens, thieves have been stealing Chinese food delivery drivers’ cars while they make the short jaunt from their cars to front doors to drop off the goods. They must be stopped!
Wyatt Marshall

Watch a Kebab Shop Owner Thwart a Robbery by Giving Zero Fucks

It seems as though the owner of a small kebab shop in New Zealand has found a pretty ingenious method of stopping would-be thieves in their tracks—and you best believe it involves acting blasé as fuck.
Alex Swerdloff

Report Says Canadians Are Obsessed with Looking at Food on Their Phones

We aren’t looking to technology just to figure out what to eat; we are also using it to decide where to eat and who to eat with, even if that means just staying in for some pho and chill.
Jessica Scott-Reid
Restaurant Confessionals

I Got Spat on and Chased by Art Students as a Deliveroo Cycle Courier

Deliveroo cyclists are at the bottom of the road’s food chain—we piss everyone off. We take risks other takeout food couriers don’t because we have to meet the half hour deadline to deliver orders.

This White Guy Says He Was Discriminated Against for Ordering Mild Curry

Stuart Lynn was appalled to see the words "VERY MILD, WHITE PPL” written on his receipt for venison curry.
Nick Rose
The Law

Three of the Biggest Food Delivery Services Are Being Sued by Their Own Drivers

GrubHub, DoorDash, and Caviar—three major mobile and online food-ordering companies—have just been named as defendants in a series of lawsuits filed in San Francisco courts.
Alex Swerdloff