How-To: Make Queso

Courtney McBroom, a native Texan, believes that one of the best things to come from her home state is queso, a gooey concoction of processed cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, and cilantro.
Courtney McBroom

The Reviews Are in for Chipotle's Queso and They're Not Nice

Chipotle’s unsatisfying chip dip may have led to a stock slip.
Nick Rose

How a Plate of Tamales May Have Crushed Gerald Ford's 1976 Presidential Campaign

Gerald Ford was running for a second term in 1976 against Jimmy Carter. At a campaign stop in San Antonio, Texas to visit the Alamo, Ford was offered a plate of tamales. This is where things took a dark turn.
Wyatt Marshall
Fast Food

Here's the Real Reason Why Chipotle Won't Sell Queso

Many customers have clamored for queso online, lamenting the chain’s lack of melty cheese and even abandoning Chipotle for alternatives like Qdoba, which offers the liquid gold.
Wyatt Marshall
Mexican Food

These Chefs Are Swapping Kitchens to Reimagine British Mexican Food

“We try new stuff but we don't give a shit about what people say about us. We just want to learn more,” says Mexico City chef Jorge Vallejo, as he works on a taco and langoustine studded menu with The Clove Club’s Isaac McHale.
Suze Olbrich
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This Fresh, Simple Salsa Is Impossible to Screw Up

The beauty of this recipe—courtesy of Large Marge’s Courtney McBroom—lies in the fact that it’s half-cooked.
Munchies Staff

We Spoke to Danny Trejo About Tofu Tacos and What Machete Would Put in a Tortilla

We sat down with him at his new restaurant in LA and talked about his deep Texas roots, the tortillas for his tacos, and how John Cusack can probably kick your ass.
Javier Cabral
Fast Food

You've Probably Never Heard Of America’s Favorite Fast-Food Mexican Chain

Hint: It's not Taco Bell, Qdoba, Chipotle, or Del Taco. But people are obsessed with it. We're talking about the beloved chain known as Taco Bueno.
Wyatt Marshall
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The Only Gooey Queso Recipe You Need

Queso ain't hard. The basic recipe goes like this: Melt some cheese, eat it. But Bäco Mercat's Josef Centeno spices it up in all the right places without getting too fancy.
Munchies Staff


Warm, creamy queso that's blended with homemade salsa. Serve with tortilla chips and an ice-cold beer.
Baco Mercat

Juicy, Wet Nachos Are the Only Kind I’ll Put in My Mouth

On a recent afternoon, I drank pissy beer and listened to a plate of nachos. I brought one chip to my lip, rimming her edges with my tongue. Using my teeth as a lever, I pulled down. I could feel her body stiffen, then bend and grow taut. And then I...
Joshua David Stein

You Should Be Eating Queso on Cinco de Mayo

Many wonderful things hail from Texas, but one of the best things is queso, our unofficial state dish. And since it’s Cinco de Mayo, it's what you should be shoveling into your mouth with a Michelada in one hand, tortilla chip in the other.
Courtney McBroom