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Valentine's Day Is Better with Weed Butter

My first foray into weed edibles was in seventh grade, but later in life it became a lucrative side business to supplement my full-time gig as a professional baker. As such, I can say that nice weed edibles are the best Valentine's Day gift ever.
Bong Appetit

Score a Touchdown with These Weed-Infused Chocolate Footballs

Kick off football season with a very special deleted scene from the new season of 'Bong Appétit.'
Munchies Staff

You Can Simultaneously Smoke Weed and Eat Cereal From This Bowl

Waking and baking has reached a new level of convenience.
Alex Swerdloff
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Wake and Bake with Weed-and-Chai Hot Chocolate

We asked Brian Wallace—an ethnobotanist and founder of Endorfin Chocolate—to show us how to make a third-eye-opening cup of weed hot chocolate, guaranteed to start your day off right.
Munchies Staff

Does Anyone Want a Doughnut That Tastes Like Weed but Doesn't Get You High?

Cue the thinking-face emoji.
Alex Swerdloff
Weed Week

The 'Bong Appetit' Approach to Weed Cookery

"For the most part, in my career, it’s been about taking away the cannabis flavor, and now it’s about putting it back in."
Vanessa Lavorato

Inside the London Restaurant Serving Cannabinoid Vodka Cocktails

Alex Stanton of plant-based eatery Farmacy says taking the non-psychoactive cannabis ingredient has improved his skin and asthma. Now, he wants to spread the word with CBD-infused drinks.
Johanna Derry

74-Year-Old Man Accused of Getting His Entire Church High on Weed Cookies

Several congregants, aged 12 to 70, ended up in the local emergency room on that fateful day, complaining of “adverse effects” from the cookies—which they reported as tasting unusually salty.
VICE Staff

Wake and Bake with These Weed-Infused Coffee Pods

Each single-use K-cup not only has enough weed to make “Black Beatles” make sense, but each pod is also 100% compostable.
Jelisa Castrodale

Denver Will Be the First US City to Allow the Use of Marijuana in Bars and Restaurants

Denver voters passed Proposition 300, and the use weed in restaurants and bars is now legalized—but there's still a catch before you light up a joint at your table.
Alex Swerdloff
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This Cheesy THC Gnocchi Is Stoner Dream Food

When Bong Appetit host Matt Zimbric visited a top secret Californian medical marijuana garden, he was greeted by the Nonna Marijuana, a 91-year-old grandmother who cooks classic Italian food with a medicinal twist. We got her gnocchi recipe.
Nick Rose
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Get Baked on This Super-Cheesy Baked Eggplant

When Abdullah Saeed visited Colorado for Bong Appetit he was treated to a four-course weed feast courtesy of Jessica Catalano the brains behind the Ganja Kitchen Revolution. Here is the highlight.
Munchies Staff