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This Zero-Waste Distillery Is Turning Holland's Iconic Tulips into Vodka

Each bottle of the €295 "Pure" blend contains 350 flower bulbs.
Stephanie Vermillion

I Made Blood Sausage Using My Own Blood

While the bag slowly filled up with half a liter of my blood, I stared into the distance. What would my mom think if she saw me sitting in my living room like this?
Gwen van der Zwan

This Dutch Cheese Tastes like Salted Caramel and Is More Sensual than a Spliff

Roomano straight tastes like cheese candy, as if some freaky Dutch scientist crossed Parmigiano Reggiano with Grandma’s homemade toffee.
Cody Reiss

'Single-Origin Milk' Is for People Who Want to Know Their Cows

“One might be creamy and taste like ice cream, while other bottles might be very fresh or sweet,” Matthijs Baan writes.
Lauren Rothman
Restaurant Confessionals

Being an Artisanal Baker Destroyed My Body

In industrial bakeries, everything in the bread-making process is ergonomic with vigilant precautions towards health and safety. In small bakeries, this is often not the case.

The Only Way to Preserve Eels Is to Eat Them All

I joined the few remaining fishermen who are hoping to give the eel population in the Netherlands a helping hand.
Bram Esser

Meet the Netherlands' Biggest Pineapple Obsessive

I met up with Prins Ananas, a.k.a. Lex Boon, about his long-running pineapple research project that has culminated with him becoming a pineapple trader himself.
Felicia Alberding
food crime

True Tales of Amsterdam's Worst Dine-and-Dashers

It's a practice as old as restaurants themselves: Customers come in, gorge themselves on food and drink, and leave without paying their bill. We spoke to some bartenders and servers in Amsterdam about their experience with dine-and-dashers.
Stefanie Staelens
solar power

This Man Cooks His Lunch on a Satellite Dish

On a sunny day in Amsterdam, I met solar-cooking enthusiast Rik, who cooked hamburgers, popcorn, and coffee with the sun as his only power source.
Laura De Grave
the netherlands

This Restaurant Only Has One Employee

This chef is the owner, cook, dishwasher, and sommelier and hasn't gone crazy yet.
Thieu Custers
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Bartender Turned Me Into a Relationship-Ruining Womanizer

Most barkeepers are one and the same: we don't want your number because we like you. We just want sex. I’m gonna tell you why.
future of food

I Design the Food You Haven’t Even Eaten Yet

I research new ways to produce healthy and more efficient food. It’s about using technology to make better food in the future.
Chloé Rutzerveld