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Robots Cooked and Served My Dinner

In the Chinese city of Kunshan, a small army of robot cooks and waiters serve dumplings and fried rice to curious customers at Tian Waike Restaurant, and their owner eventually wants his robots to replace humans the world over.
Jamie Fullerton

This Beijing Restaurant Delivers Noodles Via Fighter Jet

In the endless sea of China's gimmicky restaurants, the latest stands out for its militaristic patriotism: Diaoyu Islands Malatang Noodle Shop is themed around a chain of islands fiercely claimed by both China and Japan.
Jamie Fullerton

Dining in Total Darkness Might Save Your Relationship

At a dinner held in pitch darkness in the basement of a San Francisco clothing store, couples were encouraged to discuss their relationships with one another and their dining partners. Thus blinded, all I could do was focus on the mystery dishes that...
Jenny Cain

Deep Inside Taiwan's First Sex-Themed Restaurant

I decided to pop my head into Funny Sex, the first rumpy pumpy-themed restaurant in Taiwan, which serves all an impressive menu of dishes in the shape of dicks and tits. But spit-roasting was strictly limited to the kitchen.
Jamie Fullerton
East London

London's New Cereal Cafe Is a Slap Bracelet to the Face

Next month in Shoreditch, a cafe that serves nothing but 90s cereal will open its doors to throngs of nostalgia-hungry customers who will LOL and LOL about how they thought their Beanie Babies were worth loads but now they totally aren’t.
Lucy Hancock

I Went To A New York-Themed Kitsch Restaurant In Boston, England

Mortified servers doing dances with pom-poms and a menu full of over-the-top burger options might sound like your average night at Guy Fieri's spot in NYC's Times Square, but Witham & Blues is tucked into a decidedly crappy corner of England.
Luke Pyenson