How Cops Use Pizza Crusts and Half-Eaten Burgers to Solve Murder Mysteries

The Savopolous murders—a grisly quadruple homicide in Washington, DC—piqued the public’s darkest fascination for a variety of reasons: the wealth of the family, the alleged torture of a ten-year-old-boy, and the case's dependence on a piece of Domino’s...
Gigen Mammoser
Restaurant Confessionals

How to Break Up a Fight in a Restaurant Kitchen

The tension between them slowly built up day after day. Working alongside them was the equivalent of living in the ‘hood when two rival gangs were at war, you could almost cut the tension in the kitchen with a knife.
Stranger Than Flicktion

Chastity Desaulniers, Truffle Human

There have been many pigs and hounds renowned for their ability to sniff out the most precious of fungi. But never has there been a truffle human, until Chastity Desaulniers, from Dime Box, Texas.
Bill Cotter

What I Learned from Opening a Restaurant Empire on Skid Row

My decision to open up my restaurant in the middle of Skid Row was one of the riskiest things that I have ever done in my life.
Jesse Gomez
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Private Chef for a Gazillionaire Is Essentially Indentured Servitude with Perks

Once you’ve reached a certain point in life, any X amount of dollars past that won’t make you happier. I meet plenty of miserable rich bastards who are angry about all these things. They should be happy and live wonderful lives. But they’re just people.

Why You Get Off on Torturing Yourself With Chilis

It turns out that we are physiologically and psychologically predisposed to sadomasochistic dining tendencies.
Jessica Thompson
Restaurant Confessionals

What It's Like to Get Sued by a Waiter

I know it’s just fucking money, but he sued us for so much and we had so many expenses opening a second restaurant. We’re still paying him off in installments.

We Spoke to a Chef Who Has Made 143 Types of Mac and Cheese

Luc Martin's 143rd creation is the stuff of dreams (or nightmares): a mac-and-cheese-stuffed sausage.
Felicia Alberding

How to Make the Ultimate Party Tablescape with Stuff from a 99 Cent Store

A tablescape like this one will elevate your party game to a level on par with a combination of Sandra Lee and Corey Worthington
Alex Swerdloff

Life Advice from the Legendary Parisian Waiter Who Has Served More Famous Artists Than You

"We had to hide bottles of alcohol under the tablecloths so they wouldn't steal them."
Félix Macherez

Confessions of a New York City Food Delivery Guy

I spend all hours of the day and night accepting your requests for someone to pick up your delicious food and bring it to your doorstep. This is what it's like up until the moment you get it.
Christophe Parault
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Hangover (and Party) Advice from the Guy Who Tattooed Kurt Cobain

Henk Schiffmacher's worst hangover ever involves an opium den, a prostitute, an STD, and a torn frenulum. Oh, and he vomited bile for two days.
Stefanie Staelens