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20 Recipes for Not-Boring Chicken

Because even chicken can be exciting if you give it a chance.
Munchies Staff

Meet the Godfather of Indian Pizza

“A lot of people ask me: ‘Do they have pizza like this in India?’” Tony grins. “No! That was only born here. That happens only here.”
Jackson Scarlett
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Tired of Turkey Leftovers? Make Them Into This Tikka Masala

Here's an easy way to rejuvenate that still-endless pile of turkey that's sitting in your fridge: Make it into a curry.
Munchies Staff

Restaurant Owner Sentenced to Six Years for Peanut Curry Death

In a landmark legal decision, a jury has found Mohammed Zaman guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence and six food safety offences, after prosecutors charged him with being responsible for the death of a customer who had a severe peanut allergy.
Nick Rose

This White Guy Says He Was Discriminated Against for Ordering Mild Curry

Stuart Lynn was appalled to see the words "VERY MILD, WHITE PPL” written on his receipt for venison curry.
Nick Rose
Los Angeles

Chef's Night Out: The Badmaash Brothers

Arjun and Nakul Mahendro of LA’s Badmaash take us on a wild night out in Downtown LA, eating their way through everything from wagyu tartare to ice cream sandwiches.
Nakul Mahendro and Arjun Mahendro

Huang's World: London, Part 1

Eddie heads to Brick Lane, where he chows down on some tikka masala with a British twist. He then tries his hand at a game of cricket and digs into the lasting effects of British colonization.
Eddie Huang