The Slow and Painful Death of the Dive Bar

Remember the good times before some yuppie bought and ruined your favorite watering hole by renaming it something along the lines of an “eco friendly neighborhood pub serving IPA's only?" 
Josh Androsky

Vegan Beet Burgers

This recipe from Chandra Gilbert has the most delicious meat-free patty ever and all the fixings, including chili mayo and truffle cashew cheese.
Chandra Gilbert

Truffle Dog

This ain't no normal hot dog: It's a chicken tender instead of a dog (and topped with truffle mayo).
Den Fede Kylling
wagyu beef

Wagyu with Celery Root and Kale

Tender wagyu is enhanced with both kale and celery root purées.
Matt Lambert

This Massive Omelette Contains €8,760 worth of truffles

Every year, the villagers of the tiny, remote French village of Lalbenque prepare an omelette that takes 2,480 eggs and 7.3 kilograms of truffles.
Philippe Kallenbrunn
Mexican Food

These Chefs Are Swapping Kitchens to Reimagine British Mexican Food

“We try new stuff but we don't give a shit about what people say about us. We just want to learn more,” says Mexico City chef Jorge Vallejo, as he works on a taco and langoustine studded menu with The Clove Club’s Isaac McHale.
Suze Olbrich

Britain Is Falling Out of Love with Cheddar

New market research shows that purchases of cheddar cheese fell by 5 percent between July 2014 and the following year, something that analysts say may be down to Brits’ preference for European cheeses.
Phoebe Hurst
Los Angeles

Fat Prince: Truffle Pizza with Jeff Mahin and Lamorne Morris

Andy teams up with Jeff Mahin of Stella Barra Pizzeria and Lamorne Morris of The New Girl to create a lobster, matsutake, and truffled cheese Boboli pizza and an equally decadent "8-ball doughnut."
Andy Milonakis

I Sold Culinary Crack to Michelin-Starred Chefs

Getting weird text message requests 24 hours a day and clearing out entire subway cars because of a stinky scent are the norm when you're slinging truffles. I've had to watch chefs inappropriately fondle my product so that I can offload something that...
Helen Hollyman

Crispy Brined Turkey with Truffle Butter

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. With a serious brine and crispy, buttery skin, this turkey cooking method is so good.
Naomi Pomeroy

How to Kill Deadly Snakes That Want You Dead

I live in the Cajun bayou by myself. After finding a poisonous snake nearby, I did what I had to do: kill it or risk being bitten. What happened next involved my most prized ingredient, truffle salt, and an activity I never expected I would find myself...
Rachel Nederveld
food trend

Why the "World's Most Expensive" Burger Probably Won't be the Best

Every week a new “World’s Most Expensive” headline is typed out by an editor somewhere in the world. From pizza to burgers to, uh, ice cubes, this ludicrous restaurant trend just won't quit.
Eleanor Morgan