Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

The Food at the Real-Life 'Twin Peaks' Diner Is Not Good

Damn fine coffee, my ass.
Emma Mannheimer

Drink David Lynch's New 'Twin Peaks' Beer While You Try to Figure Out WTF Is Going On in 'Twin Peaks'

The limited-edition beers are the result of a collaboration between Lynch and Danish microbrewery Mikkeller.
Mayukh Sen

A New Report Says Millennials Are All Coffee Snobs

New market research shows that young Brits are drinking less instant coffee, something that could be down to a more discerning coffee palate among twentysomethings than their insty-swilling forebearers.
Phoebe Hurst

How Mission Chinese Transformed noma into a Wonderland of Fried Chicken and 'Titanic'

I watched Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga transform the world-renowned restaurant noma into a Gonzo-esque space where beautifully composed dishes including koji-fried chicken paired with weed were served alongside the <i>Titanic</i> soundtrack. The...
Lisa Abend

The Sober Bartender That Is Making One of New York's Most Inventive Cocktail Menus

How exactly does Sam Anderson, the talented beverage director at Mission Chinese Food, spend half his year abstaining from boozing while redefining the parameters of the traditional cocktail list?
Alex Swerdloff

Can We Blame a Restaurant for a Bloody Biker Massacre?

Sunday was a bloody day in Waco. Nine people were left dead after turf issues between two rival gangs escalated into full-scale warfare at a Twin Peaks location—and many are condemning the restaurant for hosting them.
Jesse Hirsch

David Lynch's Philosophy on Drinking Coffee

"I used to drink twenty cups a day. But they were smaller and in Styrofoam cups. Now I drink them in bigger cups."
Helen Hollyman

No Regrets for This Coyote

If you are eating alone in your car, calling yourself a loser, I think you will become depressed and fat.
Julia Kennedy