Inside Ukraine's Wildly Popular, Deeply Troubling Nationalist Restaurant

At Kryjivka, guests can enjoy a bowl of blood-red borscht then practice their aim at targets of Stalin and Lenin at the on-site shooting range.
Matt Henderson Ellis

Two Canadian Provinces Pull Vodka With Soviet Symbol from Shelves Due to Protests

Ukrainian-Canadian citizen groups consider the hammer and sickle symbol offensive.
Ian Burke

How to Drink Vodka at the Bar at the End of the Earth

Faraday Bar is the light in the middle of dark Antarctic winters, the center of every celebration, release, and spell of homesickness for the rotating residents of the Vernadsky Research Base.
Alexandra Baumhardt

Meet the Counter-Terrorism Experts Who Are Trying to Eat Their Way to Peace

A new initiative called “Conflict & Food in Berlin” is using dishes from warring countries to show how similar their cultures are, despite their beef.
Áine Pennello

Chernobyl Is Still Making Ukraine's Food Radioactive

While the area surrounding the defunct Chernobyl nuclear power plant is slowly being reborn into haven for tourists, parkour enthusiasts, and wild boar, the future isn’t looking any brighter for its human inhabitants.
Nick Rose

Russia's Military Conflicts Have Caused Its Vodka Sales to Tank

Russian vodka sales are down more than 40 percent in volume and value this year to their lowest levels in a decade, thanks to Western sanctions and tensions over Ukraine and Syria.
Wyatt Marshall

This Ukrainian Cookbook Is Part Family History, Part Dumpling Heaven

“Cookbooks don’t have to be about recipes from a chef,” says Olia Hercules, author of Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine & Beyond. “I like recipes because of the stories they might tell about a culture and all these things our grandmothers used to make.”
Johanna Derry
Russian sanctions

Russia Is Allowing Swiss Cheese and Meat Over Its Borders

According to reports from Russia, it would appear that the Kremlin has relented somewhat in its war on cheese.
Nick Rose

Putin Drank a 240-Year-Old Bottle of Crimean Wine and Ukrainians Are Pissed

The Massandra winery’s director Yanina Pavlenko popped a bottle of wine for Putin and Italian media kingpin Silvio Berlusconi that was from 1775 and considered historically significant.
Hilary Pollack

Russian Social Media Is Trying to Take Down the West with Shawarma and Boobs

The VKontakte page has devolved into a shitshow. Sexism and racism abound in the comments. Meanwhile, the girls mimic sex acts with their grilled meat wraps.
Alex Swerdloff

A Black Market for Tainted Meat Is Flourishing in Ukraine

Things haven’t been going well for Ukraine lately. And to add insult (and possibly more injury) to injury, a recent investigation into the country’s black market for meat has revealed that tainted beef, pork, and chicken are being trafficked into the...
Lauren Rothman

We Hope Russians Like Philippine Crocodile Meat

As Russia continues to struggle under sanctions imposed by Western governments—as well as its self-imposed ban on food products from the EU, US, and elsewhere—the country announced a plan help close the meat gap: eat crocodile instead.
Munchies Staff