This Country Consumes More Calories Per Day Than Anywhere Else

A new study has analysed the calorie intake of countries around the world to determine who consumes the most and what impact this can have on public health.
Phoebe Hurst

Rich, Educated People Drink the Most Out of Any of Us

It may feel like the biggest boozers around are your deadbeat neighbors who are always throwing back beers on the stoop, but the rich and college-educated are drunk and loving it.
Hilary Pollack

A Visual Cheat Sheet to Drinking American Beer

Feast your eyeballs on my step-by-step guide to how to enjoy your beer of choice the way it was intended in some of America’s top beer destinations.
Jaime Boddorff

The US Is the World's Largest Producer of Corn, So Why Are We Importing More?

Because of its reliance on genetically modified crops, the world's largest producer of corn has been forced to import organic, non-GMO corn from other countries.
Munchies Staff

The Jack Daniel's World BBQ Championships

Tom travels to the sleepy town of Lynchburg, Tennessee to learn about the birthplace of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and watch the world's BBQ pit masters fight for the Grand Champion title at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship.
Tom Wright
Nomadic brews

Mexico’s Craft Beer Scene Is Exploding

Being a gypsy usually suggests that you’re nomadic. I, myself, am a gypsy brewer, traveling internationally in pursuit of making craft beers. I'm known as the Evil Twin.
Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø

Obama's Burger-and-Beer Outings Might Be Legit

POTUS has recently made a habit of communing with the common folk by breaking bread American-style: with a beer and plate of barbecue.
Baylen Linnekin

The Federal Minimum Wage Keeps Restaurant Workers on Food Stamps

Restaurant servers use food stamps at twice the rate of the general workforce, and the restaurant industry vividly captures the worst aspects of our economy: being surrounded by food but not being able to afford to eat.
Saru Jayaraman
Road to immortality

Wheat Isn't the Reason Why You Can't Stop Farting

Gluten-free consumption is at an all time high in 2014, a sweeping health trend with widespread ignorance. But wheat isn't the likely culprit behind your uncontrollable flatulence after eating a bear claw or two.
Cassie Damewood

You Probably Don’t Know About Ozark Cuisine Because of the KKK

Hidden deep within the mountains, Ozark cuisine is remarkably preserved from the outside world. The reasons are varied: an isolated geography, plentiful natural resources, and an instinctive distrust for outsiders that has been honed in by the KKK.
Jason Bell

Nobody Knows Why We Still Call Them Freedom Fries

If you existed in 2003, you may recall the patriotic trend of certain restaurants changing the "French" in "French fry" to "freedom" as a reaction to France's opposition to the US invasion of Iraq. It's 2014 and politics have shifted, so why...
Gina Tron