Black Farmers Are Being Forced Off Their Land by Longstanding Government Discrimination

“The unfair treatment of black farmers went under the radar for many, many years. It was not taken up by the civil rights movement, and it should have been front and center.”
Lauren Rothman
food stamps

Trump Administration Getting Closer to Requiring Drug Tests for SNAP Recipients

If implemented, these requirements may affect 2 million people.
Mayukh Sen
food safety

This Bizarre Video Game Clowns On Trump's Proposed Pig Slaughter Policy

What's better than shooting fecal matter showering from the sky with mustard lasers from a hot dog?
Mayukh Sen

Trump's USDA Withdraws Animal Welfare Rules for Organic Producers

The regulations would have required meat and egg producers to upgrade indoor and outdoor spaces for animals and to improve treatment for sick livestock.
Danielle Wayda

For the First Time in 13 Years, US Beef Is Sent to China

Even “currency manipulators” like a good bone-in ribeye.
Alex Swerdloff

Calorie Counts Face an Uncertain Future Under Trump

This week, we saw major blows to nutrition advancements made during the Obama-era. Are we entering a Dark Age for food policy in America?
Alex Swerdloff

Here's How the USDA Would Be Affected by Trump's Proposed Budget Cuts

Concerns are running high that everyone from farm workers to seniors could see their resources dwindle under the new budget.
Wyatt Marshall

This Could Be the Easiest Solution to Confusing Expiration Date Labels

These labels contribute significantly to the $162 billion of food thrown out every year in America.
Nick Rose

Chill Out, Beef Heart Has Been Allowed in Burgers for Decades

Confusion over existing USDA standards recently led to a spate of headlines proclaiming that beef heart would soon make an appearance in American ground beef. We regret to inform you that it may have been there all along.
Wyatt Marshall
food safety

Food Safety Is in Danger Under the Trump Administration's Federal Hiring Freeze

While the sudden freeze on testing might not sound like that big of a deal to the average American, consider the fact that the FSIS is responsible for ensuring the safety of all meat, poultry, catfish, and processed egg products sold in the US.
Alex Swerdloff

What Would Censorship of the USDA Mean for America?

We reached out to food policy experts to find out what they made of this turn of events—and what the USDA’s flip flop means about transparency for the American public.
Alex Swerdloff
animal welfare

Obama’s Organic Ruling Will Greatly Improve the Welfare of Farm Animals

The ASPCA says: “This historic move by the USDA marks the first comprehensive set of regulations governing the on-farm treatment of animals ever issued by the federal government."
Alex Swerdloff