vending machines


Are Cocktail Vending Machines Coming for Your Bartender's Job?

Why bar owners are investing in the latest nostalgia bait.
Billy Lyons
vending machines

This Vending Machine Allows You to Get a Big, Juicy, Raw Steak at Any Hour

Applestone Meat Co. in Stone Ridge, New York sells more than 3,000 lbs of meat per week from their four vending machines.
Jelisa Castrodale

This Cryptocurrency Beer Vending Machine Knows If You're Using a Fake ID

Sorry, kids: In the age of crypto, your older sister’s learner’s permit just ain’t gonna cut it.
Lauren Rothman

Are You a Hedonist? You May Be Falling for Food Industry Propaganda

A new study looks at how our tendency to indulge is linked to our beliefs about food.
Nick Rose

This Japanese Canned Soup Offers the Power of 70 Clams to Cure Your Hangover

Clams may not be your go-to when your head is throbbing from last night’s adventures, but things are different in Japan. A new soup boasts of having the “Power of 70 Clams” in its slender, metallic body.
Alex Swerdloff
prison food

The Public Is Dying to Taste the Prison System's Worst Food

Eastern State Penitentiary's Prison Food Weekend still brings in crowds eager to try different varieties of vending-machine "chi chi" and "cruel and unusual" Nutraloaf.
Hilary Pollack

Australians Want to Put French Fry Vending Machines In Your Office

A Perth-based company has perfected vending machines that serve piping-hot French fries—and they're hoping to put one in an office or mall near you. Let's get fat.
Hilary Pollack

How-To: Cook from Tokyo's Vending Machines

Our host Ty Demura takes on a whiskey-fueled journey to Tokyo’s wackiest vending machines and uses their bounty to make banana milkshakes and a stinky rice bowl.
Ty Demura