maple syrup

How Maple Syrup Played a Surprising Role in the Abolition of Slavery

The pancake topping has a remarkably political history.
Jonathan Beecher Field
The Ice Cream Show

A Ben & Jerry's 'Flavor Guru' Explains Her 'Swirls and Chunks' Strategy

Natalia Butler, the first Hispanic woman to hold the dream job, talks to us about ice cream and impostor syndrome.
Danielle Wayda

Bernie Sanders Says Important Stuff While Appearing to Stand in Giant Tub of Ben & Jerry's

This could be the most Vermont thing that has ever Vermonted.
Jelisa Castrodale

Hot Summers Are the Perfect Time for Eating Stinky Cheese

Sometimes it's too fucking hot to turn on a stove or exist inside an apartment. And when faced with the bursting farmers markets and the overwhelming selections at the nearest cheese counter, sometimes, less is more, and simple is good.
Charlotte Kamin

The Best Way to Sample Fresh Maple Syrup Involves Pickles

Once a year, Vermont locals join together to sample the freshest maple syrup with the help of some unusual ingredients.
Casey Elsass
food fraud

Fake Maple Syrup is Ruining America’s Breakfast

"I've always said that in the third ring of hell, you'd be served fake maple syrup on your pancakes and waffles."
Alex Swerdloff

I Ate Deer Roadkill and It Was Delicious

I recently attended an upscale version of the decades-old game dinners common in smaller New England communities, which offered the titillating promise of professionally prepared roadkill.
Rose Maura Lorre

We Talked to the Vermont Chef Who’s Putting Roadkill on His Prix-Fixe Menu

Chef Doug Paine is working with a local water quality advocacy group and Vermont Fish and Wildlife to bring meat from local hunters—and local roads—to paying customers.
Wyatt Marshall

These Jam-Makers Just Made It OK to Have Beer for Breakfast

We spoke to the Vermont couple selling 3,000 jars of “Beer Jelly” a week, a spreadable jam made with stouts and pale ales from local breweries.
Jack Dutton
food politics

Even If GMO Foods Were Labeled, That Might Not Stop Us from Buying Them

Although many people argue that they want GMO foods labeled, that might not stop them from filling their shopping carts with those products.
Munchies Staff

This Is What It’s Like to Make the World’s Most Sought-After Beer

If you haven't heard of Heady Topper—the Vermont-brewed IPA that has achieved near-mythic status—then you don't know cult beer. The brew is so popular, in fact, that visitors would secretly hand-bottle it in the brewpub's bathroom and sell it on the...
Rose Maura Lorre

A Visual Cheat Sheet to Drinking American Beer

Feast your eyeballs on my step-by-step guide to how to enjoy your beer of choice the way it was intended in some of America’s top beer destinations.
Jaime Boddorff