The MUNCHIES Guide to Washington: Classic Seattle

Host Tarik Abdullah kicks off our journey around the Emerald State with a taste of Seattle’s classics: coffee, seafood, teriyaki, and late-night burgers at the beloved Dick’s Drive-In.
Tarik Abdullah
Make this

How-To: Make Lemon Meringue Pie with Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson takes us through the glorious process of making this tangy, creamy, burnt marshmallow beauty: lemon meringue cheesecake pie.
Matty Matheson
Italian cooking

Family Food: Tony's Beechhurst

In this episode of 'Family Food', we head to Tony's Beechhurst in Whitestone, Queens to eat Italian deli food like no other.
Emilio Polito
new jersey

Family Food: Swagath Gourmet

In the premiere episode of Family Food, we head to Swagath Gourmet, a South Indian restaurant run by the Iyengar family in Edison, New Jersey.
Sesha Iyengar

Hey, VICE Just Launched a Signature Beer Called Old Blue Last

At the VICE office, we like to drink beer. A lot of it. So we came up with our own, and soon, you can try it, too.
Munchies Staff

Why Your Next Meal Might Be Fried with Algae Oil

Just because Thrive Culinary Algae Oil is made from algae doesn’t mean it tastes like pond scum. In fact, it’s about as mild and versatile as a grapeseed oil.
Javier Cabral
Action Bronson

Watch the Trailer for This Week's Magical Moroccan Episode of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’

Inspired by lamb and leather, Action and his squad will head out to the markets to find the most succulent tagines, artisanal giraffe dolls, and instruments.
Munchies Staff
Action Bronson

The Best Food Moments from This Week's Episode of 'Fuck, That's Delicious'

Let's revisit some of the best meals from this week's FTD, from fried chicken in Amsterdam to delectable barbecue in London to classic bodega deli sandwiches in East New York.
Munchies Staff

Craftwerk: Denver's TRVE Is Where Metal Meets Craft Beer

When Nick Nunns and Zach Coleman aren't playing and listening to metal, they're hard at work making beer at their Denver brewery.
Nick Nunns and Zach Coleman

Sex + Food: Body Sushi

Our host Kimberly Kane channels her inner 18th-century Samurai as she gets treated to a private sushi dinner in the Hollywood Hills. The twist? The sushi has been elaborately plated on a naked woman, and Kimberly herself strips down for the main course.
Kimberly Kane

MUNCHIES Guide to Bohemia: Drinking like a Bohemian

We visit a family-run distillery where the nation’s favorite spirit is produced and sample one too many.
Hannah Saleh

How to Cook with a Iron

Craving a piping hot, fresh, restaurant quality meal from the comfort of your hotel room? Here's how to achieve just that with the help of an iron and some ingenuity. Just don't wear a bathrobe during the cooking process.
Munchies Staff