NASA Surprised a Homesick Italian Astronaut with a Pizza Party

Watch pizzas float like tiny UFOs through the International Space Station.
Djanlissa Pringels
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Pray for Beloved, Foul-Mouthed YouTube Chef Auntie Fee

The inventor of classic dishes such as "Good Ass Chicken" and "bowel movement bars" has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.
Jelisa Castrodale

The 5 Most Popular MUNCHIES Videos of 2016

Clearly, y’all have a penchant for heavy food like pizza, steak, and fried chicken.
Munchies Staff
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MUNCHIES Staff Picks: Election Day Coping Mechanisms

We will distract ourselves from the pending political apocalypse by watching cake decorating videos and drinking Manhattans, among other things.
Munchies Staff

RIP Vine: Here Are the Best Food Vines Ever

This is it: the definitive list of the best food Vines ever. They are truly legendary, and we’ll have them right here waiting for you if you ever need them again.
Munchies Staff

The MUNCHIES Guide to All of YouTube's Weird Food Subcultures

It’s not hard to get lost in the matrix of edible content on YouTube—so here’s a breakdown of the site’s subcultures, from the instructional to the extremist to the just-plain-weird.
Becky Hughes

A Sex Expert Explains Why Decadent Food Videos Make You Horny

Sexuality and pleasure educator Pamela Madsen explains why gooey melted cheese and drizzling chocolate cause food porn to live up to its name.
Adelaide Andrews

Massage Your Brain By Watching People Cook Doll-Sized Food

Need to relax? Try watching hundreds of YouTube videos of people "cooking" tiny miniature versions of pizzas, sushi, ramen, and ice cream sundaes.
Hilary Pollack

Watch the Trailer for Our New Series ‘Food Hacking’

<i>Food Hacking</i> re-imagines how people cook and eat. Join host Simon Klose on his exploration of food prepared by activists, techies, and even robots as he takes a close look at the food disruptors who are mapping out new boundaries of Japanese...
Munchies Staff

Japan’s Favorite Snack Food Is Taking Homoeroticism Out of the Closet

For years, the Japanese equivalent of the “spaghetti kiss” popularized by <i>Lady and the Tramp</i> has been the Pocky kiss. And recently the Internet is filling up with boys using Pocky to work out their homoerotic longings for each other.
Alex Swerdloff

Michael McDonald and Nachos Make for the Greatest Video Ever

This morning I encountered a YouTube video that was so ingenious that I felt like I was watching Beethoven debut his ninth symphony. It combines two of my favorite things: nachos and Michael McDonald.
Chris Grosso
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America Loves Watching Raw Meat Porn

This week, the internet is abuzz over videos of raw meat being contaminated by dirty sidewalks and bare cleavage. What is it about poor food safety that gets us all hot and bothered?
Munchies Staff