Saigon's Food Scene Is Being Transformed by the Returning Vietnamese Diaspora

Vietnamese expats, known as Viet Kieu, are returning to the city in droves—which has been great news for its food scene.
Dan Q. Dao

Farming Edible Birds' Nests Is a Stinky But Lucrative Business

I was given a rare glimpse inside a bird spit farm in Vietnam. The stuff sells for upwards of $500 a pound, but it ain't pretty.
Wesley Grover

Obama and Bourdain's Beer Bottles, Noodle Bowls Are Now Under Glass in Hanoi Restaurant

Bourdain—who spent a grand total of $6 on their famous meal together in Vietnam—doesn't know how to feel about it.
Jelisa Castrodale

Meet the Bánh Mì Queen of Hoi An

You know you’re in the right place when there’s only one thing on the menu. With the Bánh Mì Queen, you’re in good hands.
Henry McKenna

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Pretend you're in Ho Chi Minh City when you make this classic drink from Indochine Estates Coffee.
Phat Pham

Banh Mi Hot Dog

The only thing we could think of doing to improve this classic Vietnamese sandwich was to add a hot dog, and we aren't mad about it.
Farideh Sadeghin

Hanoi's Best and Wildest Banh Mi, from Pork Floss to French Fries

Alongside classics like grilled pork, Hanoi banh mi vendors are creating new mashups (think French fries and fermented sausage) that wouldn’t be out of place in NYC’s culinary scene.
Elisabeth Rosen

Vietnam Is in the Midst of a Craft Beer Boom

What started as a micro-movement has blown up into a craft craze, as Ho Chi Minh City's breweries experiment with local ingredients, from cacao nibs and passion fruit to smoked acacia bark and even durian.
Diana Hubbell

How a Vietnamese Refugee Became a Celebrity Chef

After his parents fled their native country, Luke Nguyen grew up washing dishes at their tiny Vietnamese eatery in Sydney. He now has multiple restaurants, cookbooks, and TV programs to his name.
Diana Hubbell
Vietnamese Food

Nation of Immigrants: How Biloxi's Best Banh Mi Rose in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Six months after Katrina made landfall, Le Bakery was one of the first establishments to reopen. “We had a line of people out the door. It was a amazing,” says owner Sue Nguyen-Torjusen.
Dave Simpson

This Vegan Food Stall Takes Vietnamese Cuisine Back to Its Roots

From banh mi to beef pho, 19th century French occupation shaped some of Vietnam's most famous dishes. But London-based duo Liz Nguyen and Joseph Tam want to show another side to the cuisine.
Tamara Micner

Watch the Season 2 Premiere of Matty Matheson’s Series ‘Dead Set on Life’

Finally, Matty is back. And this time, our Canadian hero and his mentor, Rang Nguyen, are headed to south Vietnam to visit Rang’s hometown.
Munchies Staff