Rotisserie Chicken Pho (Phở Gà Quay)

Rotisserie chicken makes phở gà easy to make at home.
Andrea Nguyen
Vietnamese Food

Why Great Pho Broth Starts At 4 AM

Cooks at LA's Nong Lá start prepping the beefy broth well before dawn breaks. But in an industry already struggling to keep line cooks, finding someone to come in before sunrise is particularly tough.
Natalie B. Compton

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Pretend you're in Ho Chi Minh City when you make this classic drink from Indochine Estates Coffee.
Phat Pham

Hanoi's Best and Wildest Banh Mi, from Pork Floss to French Fries

Alongside classics like grilled pork, Hanoi banh mi vendors are creating new mashups (think French fries and fermented sausage) that wouldn’t be out of place in NYC’s culinary scene.
Elisabeth Rosen
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Pork Summer Rolls Are Effortless and Delicious

These Vietnamese-style pork summer rolls taste like (shocker) summer.
Munchies Staff
Vietnamese Food

Nation of Immigrants: How Biloxi's Best Banh Mi Rose in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Six months after Katrina made landfall, Le Bakery was one of the first establishments to reopen. “We had a line of people out the door. It was a amazing,” says owner Sue Nguyen-Torjusen.
Dave Simpson

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Meet the Queen of Nordic Vietnamese Cuisine

On the latest episode, we meet Denmark’s unofficial ambassador of Vietnamese food— the woman who has exposed the Nordic palate to umami, fish sauce, and scorching hot peppers.
Helen Hollyman
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You Should Be Putting Fish Sauce in Your Coleslaw

Throw in some fish sauce and sesame, some garlic and cilantro and shallots, and watch as your creation suddenly becomes... dare we say... exciting?
Munchies Staff

You Should Be Drinking Mezcal with Vietnamese Food

After spending years cooking in Ho Chi Minh City, chef Shawn Pham returned to LA to open Simbal, where he's turning banh mi into salad and <i>larb</i> into tartare.
Natalie B. Compton
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Cozy Up with This Perfect Homemade Pho

You'll stay sweating through the winter months when you prep this amazing beef pho from Charles Phan that's so good, it would make a Vietnamese grandma proud.
Munchies Staff

The MUNCHIES Guide To Berlin: Thai Market, Kumpir, and Potato Pancake

Kavita explores the best and most interesting street food spots Berlin has to offer, from authentic Thai cuisine to Turkish food stands, which brought the al fresco dining culture to Berlin.
Kavita Goodstar
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This Vietnamese Hot Pot Is the Perfect After-Drinking Meal

It's hard to say no to hot pot—a bubbling vat of richly flavored broth, in you cook meat, vegetables, dumplings, or whatever the hell else you want, all right at the table.
Munchies Staff