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Saigon's Food Scene Is Being Transformed by the Returning Vietnamese Diaspora

Vietnamese expats, known as Viet Kieu, are returning to the city in droves—which has been great news for its food scene.
Dan Q. Dao
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Vietnamese-Cajun Crawfish Is the American Food of the Future

Houston's spicy refugee-born specialty is finally getting national attention.
Dan Q. Dao

Meet the Bánh Mì Queen of Hoi An

You know you’re in the right place when there’s only one thing on the menu. With the Bánh Mì Queen, you’re in good hands.
Henry McKenna
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Matty Matheson Makes a Bomb-Ass Banh Mi

Let Matty gently scream the secrets of a perfect banh mi to you.
Munchies Staff

How-To: Eat Pho

From what to look for when you taste the broth to proper sauce etiquette, you'll quickly learn everything you need to know from pho experts Vincent & Mikey Kha.
Vincent & Mikey Kha
Vietnamese Food

There's a $100 Banh Mi in Saigon, and People Are Actually Buying It

"It’s over the top, but at the same time we want to respect the banh mi sandwich," says chef Peter Cuong Franklin.
Wesley Grover

Atlanta's Buford Highway Is a Food Paradise

Photographer Liz Barclay lists her five favorite places to dine in this strip-mall wonderland that's a melting pot of culinary cultures.
Liz Barclay
Vietnamese Food

Why Great Pho Broth Starts At 4 AM

Cooks at LA's Nong Lá start prepping the beefy broth well before dawn breaks. But in an industry already struggling to keep line cooks, finding someone to come in before sunrise is particularly tough.
Natalie B. Compton

How a Vietnamese Strip Mall Restaurant Launched One of America's Coolest Craft Beer Scenes

Mekong, an unassuming Vietnamese spot, is credited with igniting Richmond's now-thriving brewery scene.
Kenny Gould
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Make This Vietnamese-Inspired Marinade for the Juiciest Pork Chops

The fish sauce and maple syrup basically act as a brine that will guarantee your chops won't lose moisture when you throw them on the grill.
Munchies Staff
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How-To: Make Juicy Pork Summer Rolls

“When you’re super hot and sweaty, these herbs cool you right down.”
Rupa Bhattacharya

Vietnamese-Style Coleslaw

Crisp and flavorful, this easy side is perfect with a piece of grilled chicken or fish.
Farideh Sadeghin