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Scientists Discover Way to Transmit Taste of Lemonade Over Internet

Back in our day, you didn’t need a high speed network connection to pour yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade!
Alex Swerdloff

This Ramen Spot Offers a Virtual Date for Your Lonely Ass to Eat Noodles With

Just as any person with lingering attachment to their sanity would do, we’ll simply ignore the fact that they’ve decided to use hamburger-themed idols for the ramen tie-in.
Alex Swerdloff

This Virtual Reality Slaughterhouse Could Turn You Vegetarian

A simulated factory farm tour from animal welfare group Animal Equality is traveling the UK to test the meat-eating resolve of anyone willing to strap on the goggles.
Charles Parkinson

Food Hacking: Virtual Cookie

A Japanese researcher shows us how to use virtual reality to make a cookie taste like five different things.
Simon Klose

You Can Now Virtually Embody a Piece of Sushi on a Conveyer Belt

A strange new virtual reality game called Ultra-Sushi-Go-Round takes viewers a high-rise journey through the Tokyo skyline from the perspective of a piece of sushi.
Hilary Pollack
virtual reality

Eating the Uncanny Valley: Inside the Virtual Reality World of Food

The recent resurgence of virtual reality tech has led a group of innovators to tackle the question: Can the experience of eating food be virtual? And can it ever be good?
Alex Swerdloff

You Can Now Make 'The Sims' Favorite French Toast in the Real World

Food serves its purpose in video games as a life source; a standard healing method to keep you in the fight. But one writer and photographer, Holly Green, has created a cookbook that's grounded in real-world approaches to dishes from the virtual world...
Zack Kotzer