This Beijing Restaurant Delivers Noodles Via Fighter Jet

In the endless sea of China's gimmicky restaurants, the latest stands out for its militaristic patriotism: Diaoyu Islands Malatang Noodle Shop is themed around a chain of islands fiercely claimed by both China and Japan.
Jamie Fullerton
syria crisis

Syria's Wheat Fields Are Being Decimated by the War

If you think things are bad now, just wait, because Syria is having its worst wheat harvest this year since the 1960s. And that means serious trouble.
Alex Swerdloff

South Sudan Is Exporting Coffee for the First Time

Nespresso and non-profit organisation TechnoServe are working revive the East African country’s coffee industry after nearly two years of brutal civil war. The first South Sudanese coffee will be exported for sale in France this month.
Phoebe Hurst

The Nazis Wanted to Use a Chocolate Bar Bomb to Murder Winston Churchill

Recently unearthed sketches illustrate the intricate explosives and booby traps used by the Germans during World War II.
Nick Rose

People in Shanghai Are Eating War Criminal Ice Cream

An ice cream chain based in Shanghai is now selling 3-D printed ice cream treats that resemble General Hideki Tojo, the prime minister of Japan during World War II.
Munchies Staff

Preserving the Traditions of Syrian Swimming Pool Cuisine

With the Syrian civil war now in its fourth devastating year, it's unlikely that Syrian swimming pools are operational.
Adam Gollner
Syrian conflict

What It's Like to Cook in a Syrian Refugee Camp

In the Kahramanmaras camp in Turkey, Syrian refugees are able to recreate a small piece of home through their cooking, thanks to an innovative voucher and supermarket system by the World Food Programme.
Lauren Rothman and Matthew Zuras
san francisco

This San Francisco Peanut Milk Might Actually Save the World

State Bird Provisions is so popular that hungry techies once allegedly hacked the reservation system to make sure they’d get seats. At the end of a fantastic meal there, you'll understand why when you sip the restaurant's expertly calibrated peanut...
Brent Crane

Could Bread Decide the Outcome of the Syrian War?

Along with forced starvation and chemical warfare, the Assad regime has a surprising weapon in its wartime arsenal: bread.
Lauren Rothman

Brutal War Can't Stop Lebanon's Wineries

Despite enduring a 15-year civil war, a massive influx of Syrian refugees escaping violence across the border, and the new threat of ISIS, Lebanon's winemakers in the Bekaa Valley refuse to stop producing some of the world's best wine.
Anna Lekas Miller

Khao Pad American (Strip Club Fried Rice)

Wikipedia claims that this dish was conceived by Thais during the Vietnam War as a way to make a buck off homesick American GIs. You'd find this in the same place as your expat biology teacher getting a lap dance.
Kris Yenbamroong

Fishing for Survival in Gaza City

In the 1990s, Palestinian fishermen were able to sail 20 nautical miles to catch a diverse haul of seafood. Today, the tensions between Israelis and Hamas have limited their fishing range to three miles from shore, where biodiversity is scarce.
Ashley Gallagher