Friends Don't Let Friends Burn Absinthe

Marc Bernhard, a craft absinthe distiller based in Washington, knowns damn well that the green fairy won't make you hallucinate, and he rails against the popular practice in some bars of lighting the sugar cube on fire.
Aaron Kase
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The 10 Best Dive Bars in Washington, DC

From blues bars to Midwest-vibes watering holes to low-ceilinged cellars with top-notch jukeboxes, here are the best places to get divey in DC.
Munchies Staff
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An Apple That Tastes Like a Grape: The Politics of Food

In this investigative report for The Politics of Food, VICE’s former editor-in-chief Adam Leith Gollner looks at the strange story behind how the Grapple came into existence.
Adam Gollner
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A Suburban Gas Station Serves Some of DC's Best Korean Food

Seoul Food in Wheaton, MD just might be the only place in America where you can eat kimchi chili and vegan bibimbap while you're filling up your tank.
Ananya Bhattacharyya

The MUNCHIES Guide to Washington: Classic Seattle

Host Tarik Abdullah kicks off our journey around the Emerald State with a taste of Seattle’s classics: coffee, seafood, teriyaki, and late-night burgers at the beloved Dick’s Drive-In.
Tarik Abdullah

Step Inside the Shop Making Oprah's Favorite Fried Chicken

Seattle isn't exactly known for fried chicken, but Oprah has her orders flown in from this West Coast shop when the craving hits.
Matt Lutton
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We Need More Black Southern Chefs in the Spotlight

Yesterday I Googled "Best Southern Chefs" and in the image list up top, there was not a single black chef. That is scary.
Edouardo Jordan

Dozens of DC Restaurants Will Pledge Inauguration Profits to LGBT and Women's Causes

According to All in Service co-creator Amanda Dyne, this campaign is the chance for “hospitable bartenders, chefs, and servers” across the capital to engage in activism and throw their support behind causes they are passionate about.
Gillie Houston

Police Dogs Follow Scent of Pizza, Catch Armed Robbers Mid-Bite

When you hear that a police dog followed the scent of pizza to find three teens who were suspects in a late-night armed robbery, your first thought would probably be, 'Man, these episodes of Scooby Doo are getting dark.' But no, that seems to be what...
Jelisa Castrodale

Why I Stopped Baking My Pizzas In Wood-Burning Ovens

After working with wood ovens since the early 90s, I asked myself: How much land is being cleared because of our foodservice demand for wood?
Alan Maniscalco

Should We Really Blame Weed Legalization for Declining Beer Sales?

A recent report found a correlation between marijuana legalization and a decline in beer sales. But the truth is a lot more complicated.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Here Are the Best Cocktail Bars in D.C.

Whether you’re a D.C. power broker or on a Tinder date, these cocktail bars whip up classy drinks and let you get down to business.
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