This 40-Pound Pizza Burger Thing Is The Best/Grossest Way to Donate $2,000 to Hurricane Victims

“Everybody said I was crazy, I was out of my mind, how are you going to cook it? How are you going to put it all together?”
Jelisa Castrodale
chain restaurants

Waffle House is Tracking Hurricane Florence, and Yes, That Means it's Serious

Turns out everyone’s go-to spot for 3 AM hashbrowns is also an important part of both hurricane preparedness and recovery.
Jelisa Castrodale

8 Million Bottles of Champagne Will Never Exist, Thanks to a Freak Hailstorm

RIP 40 million mimosas.
Jelisa Castrodale

Ever Heard of a 'Snow Taco'? We Hadn't, Either

One North Carolina reporter says that eating a Waffle House waffle stuffed with snow is totally a thing—in Georgia, or something.
Jelisa Castrodale
Food hoarding

The East Coast Is Frantically Hoarding Pre-Storm Food and Booze Again

As most of America's eastern seaboard braces itself for this year’s first potential mega blizzard—dubbed Winter Storm Jonas—we all seem to be fearing shortages worthy of early-Bolshevik Siberia in the dead of winter.
Alex Swerdloff

El Niño Is Causing Massive Drought and Hunger In Africa

The prolonged warm weather pattern has been wreaking havoc on crops in the region and the UN is becoming “increasingly concerned” about the food security of an estimated 14 million people.
Nick Rose

El Niño Could Destroy Ecuador's Shrimp Farms

In what was the worst-hit area in all of South America nearly 20 years ago, the shrimp industry is once again at risk from and a contributor to potential destruction from an impending El Niño.
Aaron Kase

Texas Dairy Farmers Have a Dead Cow Problem

Where in the hell is a dairyman to turn when he suddenly finds himself the not-so-proud owner of an unending pile of cow corpses?
Alex Swerdloff

Livestock Aren't Horny for Climate Change

With global temperatures increasing at an alarming rate—the last decade was the hottest on record, and the temperature spiked the most in the years after 1970—animals are too hot to get hot and bothered.
Lauren Rothman