Fast Food

Woman Makes Burrito Wrapper Wedding Dress to Wed at Vegas Taco Bell Chapel

"We’re nachos getting married, it’s going to be a Las Vegas tacover."
Nick Rose

Domino's Now Has a Pizza Wedding Registry

Soon-to-be-married couples can customize their own pizza registry online, ensuring that they’ll get at least one wedding gift that they’ll actually enjoy.
Jelisa Castrodale

Cambodian Weddings Are an Excuse for Offal and Line Dancing

Weddings are a big deal in Cambodia. In rice-farming villages, people don’t often get to eat five kinds of meat in one sitting or drink until even the most wayward dance moves seem appropriate.
Nathan A. Thompson
daily vice

Get Your Dose of MUNCHIES on the Latest Daily VICE

Today on Daily VICE, senior editor Matthew Zuras discusses an over-the-top wedding filled with food and excess in Shanghai.
Munchies Staff

I Crashed the Wedding of an Elite Chinese Couple

I tagged along to the over-the-top wedding of a wealthy couple in Shanghai, where there was a surplus of delicious food at a banquet for more than 500 people, quasi-sadistic party games, and endless entertainment.
Clarissa Wei

This Bride's Cancelled Wedding Ended Up Feeding The Homeless

The would-be bride's family decided to use catering services for the forces of good, by having hotel staff serve four-star hotel food to homeless people.
Nick Rose

This Man Who Proposed with Lychees Was Harshly, Unsurprisingly Rejected

Poor 24-year-old Dong thought he could win his love's heart forever by presenting her with her favorite fruit when he publicly popped the question. Nope.
Hilary Pollack

A Proper Maasai Wedding Starts with a Cup of Fresh Cow's Blood

On the morning of my friend's wedding in Nairobi, I watched as Maasai tribesmen wrestled a steer to the ground and slit its throat. It would become the centerpiece of the wedding feast, but not before we drank its blood.
Aaron Kase