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This Is Why You Crave Crappy Food When You're Tired

We see you, airport Cinnabon.
Jelisa Castrodale

Clay Aiken Gained an Absurd Amount of Weight By Eating Chicken at Bojangles'

Political ambition can and will make a man do ungodly things. In the case of certain singer-songwriters, campaigning just might cause you to gain an absurd amount of weight.
Alex Swerdloff

This Study Says Women's Brains Aren’t Wired to Lose Weight

A new study from the University of Aberdeen claims that the hormones regulating appetite and energy expenditure work differently between the sexes, making it more difficult for women to lose weight.
Phoebe Hurst

Probiotics Could Protect Bacon-Eaters from Weight Gain

Researchers have found that replacing the gut bacteria of mice on a diet of lard with that of mice on a diet of fish oil prevented them from gaining weight. The details aren't too pretty, though.
Munchies Staff

Eating Lots of Red Meat Will Actually Increase Your Appetite

You don’t have to be a gaucho who sleeps atop a pile of bleached cow skulls—Smaug style—to know that red meat has been through the wringer as of late, Paleo horde or not. So it comes with a heavy heart that we announce yet another strike against the...
Alex Swerdloff

A Bad Relationship Can Make You Gorge Yourself

I can already imagine the David Lynch adaptation of this study, where a suburban couple drowns their sorrows in coffee and a lap pool filled to the brim with rum-raisin ice cream and crushed Valium.
Alex Swerdloff

Even Diet Soda Could Be Making You Fat

A recent study found that men and women over the age of 65 gained a significant number of inches on their waist even if they were choosing diet soda over the regular stuff.
Munchies Staff

FUEL: The 10,000-Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet

Wrestlers like world sumo champion Byamba pack in thousands of calories every day in order to stay on top of their game, and they do it with the help of a delicious, nutrient-dense stew known as chankonabe.
Byamba Ulambyar
weight gain

Ramadan Is Tough for Muslims with Eating Disorders

For Muslims suffering from eating disorders, this sacred time of fasting is the only month they can get away with starving themselves because not only is not-eating enabled, it is rewarded. I know this firsthand.
Safy Hallan Farah