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Why Everything You Know About Scottish Food Might Be a Myth

From the whisky sold in foreign liquor stores to tartan-boxed shortbread clutched by Edinburgh tourists, we’re told that Scotland’s food is rooted in history. But many traditional dishes aren’t as “Scottish” as we might think.
Ben Reade

The Feast that Proved Alain Passard Is Still a Master of Meat

Culinary legend Alain Passard made his mark on the vegetable kingdom, but for one night, I watched him cook a feast of wild game with reckless abandon.
Léo Bourdin
wild game

Robert Mugabe Wants to Eat a Lion for His Birthday

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe will celebrate his 91st birthday this month in style, blowing out the candles on a feast of two elephants, two buffalo, two sables, five impalas, and a lion worth $120,000 in total.
Munchies Staff

Cooking Wild Duck Is a Plucking Matter

I’ve eaten freshly shot elk heart for breakfast in the Rockies; I’ve removed the scrotum of a German boar without batting an eye. But that was all in the great outdoors. The presence of wild duck innards in my living room is a culinary labor of love I...
Isabella Rozendaal

MUNCHIES Guide to the North of England – Episode 4

Ben Ferguson

Forager's Game Pie

A hearty, savory pie filled with the dreams of any hunter and gatherer: wild game and mushrooms.
Ben McNutt

There Was No Roadkill on the Menu at the West Virginia Roadkill Festival

I came to West Virginia to attend the annual West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off and Autumn Harvest Festival in Marlinton, where I expected to feast on freshly run over animals, but what I ended up experiencing was a spectacle for tourists visiting the...
Tom Sherman
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I Ate a Bunch of Dead Wild Animals in the Bronx

This weekend, I went to a private game dinner in a decrepit mansion in the Bronx, where I ate raccoon, beaver, muskrat, possum, and fox. It was weird.
Kirsten Stamn