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Sorry, Winos: Beer Just Pairs Better with Food

Why are you still reaching for the riesling when a pilsner is what you really need?
Munchies Staff

Scientists Finally Reveal Why Wine and Cheese Taste Better Together

We all know that wine and cheese go together like—well—like birds of a feather, or like yin and yang, or like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. But now science knows precisely why that is—an achievement worthy of some Cheez-It and a box of...
Alex Swerdloff

How to Survive a Seven-Drink Tasting Menu Without Blacking Out

A typical beverage pairing at San Francisco's Lazy Bear includes up to six wines, in addition to cocktails and punches. How can guests manage to throw so many drinks without passing out on the beautifully set communal table?
Natalie B. Compton

Pairing Wine with Thai Food Isn't as Hard as It Sounds

All food deserves the privilege of good wine. But when a cuisine doesn’t “grow up” with vino, the search for the right bottle gets trickier.
Ashley Ragovin
Korean BBQ

Why You Should Drink Wine With Korean Food Instead of Beer

All it took was a glass of Basque txakolina white wine with a chopstick of seared beef tongue and boiled bean sprouts to realize that I have been drinking the wrong adult beverage with Korean BBQ all along.
Javier Cabral

How to Pair Wine with Singapore's Iconic Foods

We asked one of Singapore's most esteemed sommeliers how to pair wine with a few of the city-state’s most popular dishes.
Natalie B. Compton