World War II


Heineken Could Be Banned in Hungary for Use of Red Star in Logo

The Eastern European nation hopes to eradicate the usage of communist iconography and Nazi symbology, including the swastika and the red star.
Charley Lanyon

Picking Mushrooms in Poland, and Encountering the Scars of War

A hunt for chanterelles and boletus mushrooms revealed some of the relentless atrocities that scarred Poland throughout the 20th century.
Aaron Kase

Nazis Used to Raise American Chickens

After the US entered World War II, Americans were eating more chicken than ever, but lacking a work force. As a result, the hen men of the mid-Atlantic turned to one of the only options left: using German Prisoners of War.
Emelyn Rude

Russia Is Trying to Mend a 60-Year-Old Land Dispute Through Fishing Rights

Something as petty as technically still being at war isn’t stopping the Russian Federation from offering Japan the right to develop fisheries and other forms of aquaculture around the disputed islands.
Alex Swerdloff

This Is How Argentina Does Oktoberfest

Villa General Belgrano is one of a few historically German-speaking villages that dot Argentina, where immigrants from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany settled in the wake of World War II.
Carla McKirdy

People in Shanghai Are Eating War Criminal Ice Cream

An ice cream chain based in Shanghai is now selling 3-D printed ice cream treats that resemble General Hideki Tojo, the prime minister of Japan during World War II.
Munchies Staff

Did This Doctor Just Condone a Concentration Camp Diet on Live TV?

Dr. Ric Gordon noted on 'Today' that "there were no overweight people" in Nazi camps in an attempt to speak out against junk food and obesity.
Hilary Pollack

This Atomic Bomb-Themed Beer Has a Message About Nuclear Warfare

Nothing says mutually assured destruction quicker than a frosty craft beer shared among honest folk. The world as you know it may be vaporized before your slowly melting eyes but, fuck, does that pilsner go down smooth.
Alex Swerdloff

Believe It or Not, Sushi Is Pretty Damn American

It turns out that in an act of hegemony not seen since Manifest Destiny, we Americans have taken over sushi and re-made it in our inimitable image.
Alex Swerdloff

Hitler's Booze Stash Was Just Found Under a German Restaurant

During recent renovations, Silvio Stelzer was astounded when he found several bottles of Hitler's Cognac and Champagne from World War II in underground cellars under his restaurant.
Alex Swerdloff
jewish food

What Happened to Berlin's Jewish Delis?

Despite growing up in a family with a strong sense of Jewish identity, I hadn't had a taste of American-style Jewish deli cuisine until only a couple years ago. Blame the fact that I live in Berlin, where being Jewish is a bit more complicated.
Liv Fleischhacker

The British Seaside Smells of Piss and Chips and It's Beautiful

The British seaside is basically deep fried. Sure, you can eat fresh fish straight from the sea in nice restaurants, but for a true taste of what makes eating by the sea so magic, head onto a pier to eat fish and chips with a candyfloss chaser...
Nell Frizzell