Braised Collards with Kielbasa Recipe

Swap out the bacon for kielbasa in this perfect dinner side.
Ryan Pfeiffer
8 minutes ago

These Neighbors Are Engaged In the Most Wholesome Feud Over Inflatable Lawn Turkeys

When will the War of the Turkeys end???????
Jelisa Castrodale
16 hours ago

Don't Steal Paintings From Bars, Even if They're of Christopher Walken

“ALL IS GOOD AS WE GOT OUR BELOVED CHRISTOPHER BACK," the Edinburgh bar wrote on Facebook.
Jelisa Castrodale
19 hours ago
El Salvador

A Culinary Program in El Salvador Is Giving At-Risk Youths a Reason to Stay

Gastromotiva trains young Salvadorans in culinary and life skills to provide them with better work opportunities and alternatives to migration.
Anna-Cat Brigida
21 hours ago

Baked Bacon and Eggs Recipe

The one-pan brunch dish you can pull together even when you’re hungover.
Farideh Sadeghin
a day ago

Diners Horrified by Graphic Fake Stabbing Stunt at Philadelphia Ramen Restaurant

The two men who staged the fight for an Instagram prank are now wanted by the police.
Bettina Makalintal
2 days ago

How This Syrian Refugee Family Brought Their Century-Old Chocolate Business to Texas

In Damascus, the name Slik is synonymous with fine confections. Now, the family-owned chocolatier is continuing its legacy in a new homeland.
Diana Hubbell
2 days ago
Make this

10 Ways to Make Your Turkey the Best Thing on the Table

From sticky-rice-stuffed to Rockwellian AF, these recipes will make you fall back in love with the bird.
Munchies Staff
2 days ago

Naked Home Invader Sends Fruit Basket to Apologize for Making Neighbors See His Junk

Not sure if a few apples and a banana are gonna cover it, bud.
Jelisa Castrodale
2 days ago
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How I Tracked Down the Delicious Israeli Pudding of My Childhood

Milky is iconic for those who grew up in Israel in the 80s, but proved to be a feat to find stateside.
Yael Grauer
2 days ago

Easy Glazed Chicken Wings Recipe

Spicy and sweet, crispy and sticky, basically the perfect wing recipe.
Erling Wu-Bower
2 days ago
Fast Food

Watch the 16 Most Iconic Fast Food Scenes in Film Cuz It's National Fast Food Day

From Big Kahuna burgers and Krabby patties to “mystic” pizza and “Captain Hook” fish and chips, these are the top fast food scenes in cinema.
James Charisma
5 days ago