Fast Food

McDonald's Worker Faces Assault Charges for Trying to Shove Bacon in Her Manager's Mouth

It all started when the South Carolina woman helped herself to some bacon while she worked, and uh, things escalated quickly.
Jelisa Castrodale
16 hours ago
food law

Flavor Can't Be Copyrighted Because It's Too 'Subjective and Variable,' EU Court Rules

The ruling came in the case of a spreadable Dutch cheese accused of being a copycat.
Hannah Keyser
16 hours ago

British Creamery Smells So Fucking Rank that People in Surrounding Neighborhood Can't Sleep

Davidstow residents have described the odor as "a cross between gone off fish and cheese, with a bit of sewage chucked in."
Jelisa Castrodale
17 hours ago

Mike Pompeo Allegedly Doesn't Want Anyone to Know He Ate Processed Cheese for Breakfast

The Secretary of State reportedly kicked a journalist out of the press pool for writing about what sources referred to as "the cheese incident."
Danielle Wayda
19 hours ago
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A Love Letter to Cook Out, the Most Underrated Fast Food Chain

Like all good fast food, it’s quick and cheap; but there are some quirks that make this North Carolina-based chain special.
Eric Ginsburg
20 hours ago
sexual harassment

NYC Bills Would Make Harassment Bystander Training Mandatory for Bar and Club Staff

The regulations would be under the purview of the city's newly minted Office of Nightlife.
Danielle Wayda
21 hours ago
Life Hack

Life Hack: Name Your Pet After a Plural Food Item

Waffles. Dumplings. Pickles. Pinto Beans. Why would you even consider naming your pet anything else?
Hannah Keyser
a day ago

Curry Leaf Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Bite-sized nuggets of chicken, fried, and full of flavor? Yup, we'll make those.
Nik Sharma
a day ago
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16 Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes Because Sometimes Your Family Can Be A LOT

You don't have to be drunk to spend time with your family, but it probably can't hurt.
Munchies Staff
2 days ago

Trump Is Having a Twitter Tantrum Over French Wine Tariffs

President Trump is a teetotaler, but that isn't stopping him from having OPINIONS when it comes to wine.
Jelisa Castrodale
2 days ago
Red Lobster

Drunk Florida Woman Steals a Live Lobster from Red Lobster

If you steal a lobster, you don't get the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, and really, that's sort of the whole point, isn't it?
Bettina Makalintal
2 days ago

Internet Roasts Burger Chain for Inexplicably Covering Tables with Grass

The sustainability-focused Australian chain Grill’d thought the vegetation would be a hit, but the internet thought it was messy and twee.
Bettina Makalintal
2 days ago